Marie Antoinette Collection

Handmade, decoupage-under-glass plates.

Original collage-image created from unique images sources including historic, vintage and original artworks.


The central motif of the Marie Antoinette Grey Series is the famous portrait of her at age 13, painted by Swedish-Austrian painter, Martin Van Meytens in 1767.  The portrait was sent to the Dauphin of France so that he could see his soon-to-be-bride. Other visual elements in the Grey Series include a vintage auction house pearl and gold brooch, a large opal, period diamond drop earrings and vintage Botanical  images of flamingos and red roses, all on a background ground of grey moiré silk.

These handmade decoupaged glass plates are from the Marie Antoinette Grey Series. They are 4.5 X 6.5 in and can be displayed as a single, in a pair or threesome. You can also use them as an elegant, sexy “vide poche” to catch your earrings by the bedside. A very romantic gift.




The Marie Antoinette Flamingo Series takes it’s name from the classic vintage botanical image of the pink flamingo. The central image is from a portrait of Marie Antoinette when she was only 13. Painted in 1767 by Swedish-Austrian painter, Martin Van Meytens and sent to the Dauphin of France so that he could see his future bride. Vintage botanical roses, a mysterious all-seeing eye and two opals float in front of the Josef Kuba (JWK) porcelain plate called: “Bavarian Fragonard Love Story”. Circa 1930s, the Kuba pattern depicts charming vignettes of lovers in various poses of courtship, inspired by the famous French painter Jean-Honore Fragonard (1732 – 1806) whose late Rococo manner was noted for it’s hedonism.

These 4 plates create a mysterious and beautiful grouping when hung on a wall. Each plate also stands alone in it's unique beauty and complex design. Whether the pursuit of art or romance draws you toward the Marie Antoinette Flamingo Series, the enchantment of these deeply layered images under glass promises to fulfill your dream.


At the heart of the Marie Antoinette Flamingo Series, is a story told in four plates, of how objectification can eventually consume and even obliterate an individual’s identity. In the first plate, Marie Antoinette is the central figure, the other design elements revolve around her, celebrating and commemorating her as a royal icon. In the second plate her portrait starts to recede as two highly stylized, faceless, pale pink busts come flying into the foreground. In the third plate, elements of the Josef Kuba plate totally take over along with the now huge flamingo, covering up a multitude of fractionated images of the Queen’s face that are now mere details embedded in the background, while images of courtship scenes from the rim of the plate emerge to overtake even the flamingo. In the fourth plate Marie Antoinette is once again a central figure (in history) but now the elements surrounding her image boldly and unabashedly compete for space and importance, keeping her in her place rather than serving her. 


From the Marie Antoinette Purple Series, this handmade decoupage-on-glass plate features one of the most the famous portraits of Marie Antoinette, painted by François-Hubert Drouais in 1773, when she was eighteen. Here her portrait has been pop-art-ified and paired with a porcelain slipper from Russia, circa late 1800s. The illustrated china plate that serves as a backdrop to her portrait, is also from Russia from the same period. Edged in gold leaf, the back of this 10 inch round, glass plate is covered in handmade paper with gold scrollwork. 


MARIE ANTOINETTE: Petite Plate Series

Inspiring a mood of romantic fantasy, these small hand-decoupaged Marie Antoinette Petite Plates are perfect as an evocative bedside catch-all for earrings, a watch and other small personal items. Or add a touch of mystery and elegance to your desk where the delicate, layered images are sure to evoke the curiosity and admiration of all who see them. The perfect Bridesmaid gift as well.

Each intricately detailed 5.5 inch round plate has a different design incorporating a vintage fine china pattern and a unique portrait of Marie Antoinette and incorporating a splendid array of mid-century estate jewels floating at the periphery.




Marie Antoinette Paperweight


The ‘Le Bandeau de’ Amour’ decoupage glass paperweight is named after the lovely 19th century etching of Marie Antoinette, which it features, set against a background of a blue and mauve 19th century hand-printed wallpaper pattern. Marie Antoinette’s infamous coiffure is decorated with fine strands of tiny pearls and a whimsical red enamel heart locket while an antique, engraved heart locket appears at her neck.

This handmade paperweight has a wonderful solid, heavy feel, created from an original collage of intricately layered images, suspended under thick hand-cast glass, it evokes the mysterious feeling of looking into a unique and magical world. A beautiful, romantic gift, this paperweight would also be a wonderful present for a writer or anyone who spends time at a desk, enhancing their mood and adding a touch of exquisite imagery to the environment.